Our machines give impressive results, even when used on different fabrics with assorted dye types

Rotary Screen Stripping Machine

Rotary Screen Stripping Machine reduce production cost and promote enterprise''s competency. you can make the Screen continual use after Stripping the intact nickel and remake a new pattern with the use of it.

About Us
Stripping Method : Laser Technology
Adapter : 640mm
Length : 2000mm
Display : HMI
Motion Control : Servo Drive & Motor
Y Movement ( Linear) : Ball Screw Technology
Operating Temp : 20 to 25 Degree Centigrade
Laser Power : 100 w to 200w
Max. Speed : Max 20-25 min for 1980mm length screen
Cooling : Air Cooling
Power Consumption : 2 KW
Power Supply : AC 230 V ( Single Phase)