Ideal for engraving information and branding on all textiles with minimal waste

Rotary Bluray Engraver

Blue light (UV) laser engraving machine is a novel developed screen-making equipment on the basis of Laser Plotter, Realizing the bright room operation with lower cost, fast speed and high precision, it is the most ideal screen-making equipment.

Rotary Bluray Engraver
Screen Breath : 2200mm / 3500mm
Screen Repeat : 640mm(standerd)819mm/914mm/1080mm
Resolution : 508DPI /1016DPI/360DPI/720DPI
Registration Accuracy : ± 0.02mm
Imaging Light Source : 405nm Laser Diode
Engraving Speed : 12m2/h(360dpi) 6m2/(720dpi)
Acceptable File Format : TIFF/BMP/JPG/JAR/JC
Interface : USB
Working Environment : Temperature 5~40oc Humidity 30~80% (Non condesing) Lighting: Yellow Light
Power : 2KW/220V, 50Hz