An assured way of imprinting letters on fabrics in the lowest time frame

Flatbed Bluray Engraver

Flatbed Bluray Engraver is a high-tech essence integration of modern semiconductor laser, auxiliary mechanical manufacture and computer control. It does not need a black or white film.

About Us
Eective Engraving Area : 2500 x 1600 / 1600 x 2500 / 1800 x 3500
light Path : (48)standard(48lines)
Engraving Resolution : 360dpi/720dpi/1440dpi option
Glue : Regular Glue
Light Source : 405nm Semiconductor Laser Diode
Engraving Speed : 12min/m2(48lines)
Acceptable File Format : TIFF/BMP/JPG/JAR/JC/GIF
Interface : USB2.0
Working Environment : Temperature 5=40c Humidity 30=80% : (non- condensing) Yellow light
Power : 1.5KW/220V,50HZ